10 Things You Should Always Buy From Ace Hardware

With industry-leading customer satisfaction, Ace Hardware offers fantastic opportunities for DIYers. Check out this list of 10 items that are always worth a trip to your local Ace Hardware.

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Paint selection is greatly aided by talking to a knowledgeable pro. Ace Hardware’s experts will walk you through matching a sample and selecting the proper sheen. Building on strength, Ace Hardware has recently solidified their partnership with Benjamin Moore and refocused on providing customers with the best paint buying experience possible.

Find out what painting tools the pros swear by (so you can buy and use them, too) in this video.

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Fragile Plants

Not all Ace Hardware locations have nurseries, but the ones that do give attention to their plants in a way that big-box home centers can’t match. That’s especially true with plants that need more care. While rare specimens are best sought at dedicated nurseries, Ace can be a great place to find healthy plants.

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Tool Rentals

Most Ace Hardware locations rent tools, such as chainsaws, floor sanders and reciprocating saws. Because the average Ace location has a relatively small selection, the staff can keep a close eye on all their rental equipment. This makes Ace a great choice when you don’t want the hassle of dealing with damaged or poorly-maintained tools. Better yet, when it’s time to retire these items, they’re often sold at deep discounts!

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Specialty Fasteners

Ace can’t stock bulk quantities like the mega-stores. But it can help a frustrated DIYer find the unusual fastener for a specific application, whether it’s a binding post or a dowel-and-cam lock combo. Ace employees can help identify unusual fasteners and suggest creative solutions for difficult projects.

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Bargain Bin Finds

Most hardware stores have a clearance section. But at Ace, you’ll find a dedicated bargain bin with low-priced items perfect for DIYers searching for things that won’t be used every day, or can be used and disposed of. That bargain bin tape measure may not be the most rugged you’ll ever find, but it works great as a spare and won’t break your budget.

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Ace Hardware is one of the best places to go when you want to hand over specific tasks, like screen repair or blade sharpening. Sure, you can do these on your own. But sometimes it’s worth paying a few dollars to save yourself time.

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Wood Stains

Often grouped with paints, matching an existing stain is a separate art that takes time to master. The pros at Ace Hardware will help identify the type of wood and stain on your existing sample, and walk you through the options for finding a modern stain that will match. Or, if you’re starting a project from scratch, they can help you find the best product and offer advice on application.

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Local Specialty Materials

Every part of the country has unique building styles and needs. Some areas may be known for specific kinds of roofing, such as slate or clay tiles, or have weather conditions that require extra environmental conditioning. Ace locations are locally owned, making them a great source when you need to purchase an item that isn’t on the radar of the corporate decision-makers who run the big box stores.

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Ace House Brand

Ace has one of the more reliable and higher quality home improvement “house brands.” Often sold at a significant discount to the brand names, you can find Ace brand caulks, tapes, adhesives and more, all with DIY-friendly pricing.

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Expert Advice

And finally, Ace is a great place to start when you’re working on a project requiring skills or materials unfamiliar to you. Always start with basic research from a trustworthy source like Family Handyman, and then stop by Ace to stock up on supplies and to consult the in-store pros. Don’t be afraid to ask if someone on staff is an expert in the specific topic. You’d be surprised at what a resource those helpful hardware folks really are. And the advice is free!

Source: familyhandiman.com