Easter BBQ Recipes

12 Best Easter BBQ Recipes

For most people, Easter means the beginning of spring. For us, it means barbecue season is finally upon us. Family gatherings are a great opportunity to fire up the barbecue and cook something a bit special. So ditch the oven and dust off the grill or smoker and get barbecuing with these delicious recipes.

1. Twice Smoked Spiral Ham

Our recipe for twice smoked spiral ham will definitely put you in a holiday mood.

This bad boy comes precut so the fiddly bit has been taken care of.

Even though it’s been smoked already, we like to amp up the flavor some more by giving it a nice season all over with bbq rub and towards the end a sweet sweet glaze.

It’s not the easiest piece of meat to slice up, but it’s going to be one of the tastiest. And then there are leftovers!

Recipe: Twice Smoked Spiral Ham

2. Smoked Lamb Shoulder

smoked lamb shoulder on Weber smokey mountain

I think lamb shoulder is the best cut of lamb to smoke. Cook it hot to help render the fat and caramelize the skin.

You can cook it until it gets to 195 – 203°F for pulled lamb, or take it off around 130°F and slice it for tender, blushing lamb.

Recipe: Smoked Lamb Shoulder

3. Smoked Rack of Lamb with Pistachio Crust

smoked rack of lamb

Make a show-stopping meal with this perfectly cooked rack of lamb.

You get a nice crunch from the nutty crust, and our apricot balsamic drizzle adds a good balance of acidic sweetness to this rich cut of meat.

Presentation-wise, it’s definitely centerpiece material!

Recipe: Smoked Rack of Lamb with Pistachio Crust

4. Perfect Smoked Prime Rib

Feeling daunted by this big, more expensive cut of meat?

Well, don’t be. We’ll guide you through the dry brine, the rub, the smoke, and the sear to ensure you end up with a perfectly cooked prime rib roast.

We’ve included some tips, and simple timing instructions, along with recipes for prime rib rub and horseradish sauce for serving alongside. We’ve left no room for error in your Easter feast.

Recipe: Perfect Smoked Prime Rib

5. Smoked Rack of Pork

This is a great option if you have a large group of people to feed and it’s a pretty simple recipe.

We like to serve this with a creamy Djon sauce, but why not go all out and have an apple sauce and a salsa verde on the side as well.

Recipe: Smoked Rack of Pork

6. Smoked Orange and Herb Roast Chicken

How do you up the greatness of a classic roast chicken?

Season it inside and out, stuff it with an orange and some herbs, and pop it in the pellet grill, that’s how.

Serve an array of sauces on the side, our picks would be Alabama white sauce, bbq sauce, or a nice homemade gravy.

Recipe: Smoked Orange and Herb Roast Chicken

7. Smoked Cornish Game Hens

If you want to make something a little special and don’t have a crowd to feed, this is the perfect recipe.

These little birds are tender and juicy once smoked and make a great alternative to a whole chicken, plus they cook a little bit quicker as well.

Recipe: Smoked Cornish Game Hens

8. Hot Smoked Salmon

For many people, Easter means lamb or ham. But if that isn’t your cup of tea this hot smoked salmon is a really nice alternative.

While we used pre-cut filets, you could use a whole salmon filet, which always looks pretty impressive when plated up.

The brine is adaptable, add herbs and peppercorns if you want a bit more flavor.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can make it ahead of time and store it in your fridge up to a week in advance and the flavors only get better.

Recipe: Hot Smoked Salmon

9. Smoked Bacon Carrots with Maple Glaze

bacon wrapped carrots on serving plate

I guess the saying is true, everything is better wrapped in bacon!

These carrots are even better because the bacon is then brushed with a glistening maple glaze – almost counteracts the goodness of eating a vegetable, but hey, everything in moderation.

Recipe: Smoked Bacon Carrots with Maple Glaze

10. Crispy Smash Potatoes

crispy grilled smashed potatoes

No one can resist a roast potato, can they?

Sometimes when you have an already flavorful meal, a simple starch is all you need.

We don’t change too much here, boil them, smash them, and give them a nice dusting with salt, pepper, garlic, and thyme then it’s onto the grill for some crisping.

No more average roast potatoes.

Recipe: Crispy Smash Potatoes

11. Garlic and Rosemary Smoked Potatoes

You can NEVER have too many potato recipes.

Here we keep it simple with a little garlic, rosemary, parmesan, and some smoke.

Change it up by using chives or thyme, or use onion salt when seasoning, give them a little spritz of lemon juice just before serving or a sprinkle of parsley.

Recipe: Garlic and Rosemary Smoked Potatoes

12. Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

bacon wrapped brussels sprouts

Experience the joy of a delicious Brussels sprout!

The key here is to get the bacon crispy, but don’t overcook the sprout. It’s the overcooked sprout that puts people off.

A lick of maple at the end of the cook time enhances the sweet ole flavor of the sprout and then it’s a nice dunk in our tangy creamy dipping sauce.

You’ll have lovers not haters in no time.

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Sprouts

Wrapping it up

I hope you’ve found something delicious to prepare for your Easter or Spring barbecue.

Let us know in the comments below what you like to serve for an Easter feast.

If you need to gear up for the barbecue season, we have some detailed guides to buying a smoker as well as all the grill accessories you need including the latest leave-in grill thermometers.

Source: smokedbbqsource.com ~ By Joe Clements ~ Images: smokedbbqsource.com