Halloween Decorations That Make Your House the Best One on the Block

13 Halloween Decorations that Make Your House the Best One on the Block

When it comes to spooky season, we’re all about outdoor Halloween decorations. Unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving, Halloween takes place mostly outside, so going big on your front porch or stoop is paramount. That’s why we came up with more than 60 ideas to get you started. From cute pumpkins to horrifying graveyards, these outdoor Halloween decoration ideas are actually easy to re-create.BAMBIG//GETTY IMAGES

Stay Happy

Whoever said all outdoor Halloween decorations have to be scary is sorely mistaken. In fact, we are all for a pumpkin-heavy setup that’s cheery above all else. All you need to do is snag a few planters with smiling jack-o-lantern designs, fill them with your favorite blooms, and call it a day. Otherwise, feel free to paint the designs on yourself.

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Develop a Sixth Sense

If you have a patch of land you’re willing to sacrifice for a terrifying Halloween decoration, this is a good idea. It’s easy to miss, but anyone who takes a glance will surely panic.

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Elevate Your Scheme

When we say elevate, we mean in terms of aesthetics and, well, literally. If you don’t have a lot of ground space to spare for your outdoor Halloween decorations, use your window boxes as a perch for your carefully carved pumpkin.

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Keep It Simple

This may look like a great fall vibe, which it is, but it doesn’t require much effort. Simply plop a pumpkin (carved or not) beside a fall wreath and drape both with some faux webs.

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Throw a Party

If you live in a place warm enough to host an alfresco Halloween fête, hang some string lights, banners, and more from the walls. Don’t forget the pumpkin and hay motifs.

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Take a Seat

This outdoor Halloween decoration might require more heavy lifting than the others, but the payoff is worth it. Trick-or-treaters will certainly approach with trepidation when they make eye contact with these spooky onlookers.

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Bring on the Dogs

Don’t leave your pets out (out of the fun, that is). Instead, drape some spare sheets over them and let them greet trick-or-treaters. We can’t promise they’ll bring the scare factor, but we can guarantee your house will be the most loved on the block.

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Put Extra Pumpkins to Use

If you overdid it on the pumpkins, don’t toss the extras. Paint them white, give them faces, and hang them from the porch. From afar, they’ll look like flying ghouls.

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Enlist the Kids

This spiderweb made of black-painted branches and twine is a fun craft project that artistic kids will love to take on. Once it’s done, let them decorate it with leaves, faux spiders, or anything else that comes to mind.

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Set Up a Ghost

Use your spare sheets, napkins, or tablecloths to erect a hyper-realistic (but also pretty cute) ghost in the backyard. Bonus points if you surround it with pumpkins.

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Keep Out

If you already have a fence, you’re already halfway there. Otherwise, buy a cheap one online along with some miniature plastic skulls and “keep out” signs.


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Don’t Discriminate

There are lots of pumpkins in various shapes and sizes, so instead of buying only the classic round ones, opt for a few different kinds and create a little community of gourds in the front yard. The options are pretty limitless.

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Don’t Get Up

Here’s a low-effort, high-reward outdoor Halloween decoration option—especially if you already have lawn chairs. Just order a lazy skeleton and let him take a load off.


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