Protect Your Home For Under $20.00

If I told you that you could protect your home and what’s in it for less than $20.00 you might not believe me.  Take a look at 4 items that can help keep things safe and sound in your home.

Monster Cable Just Power 

  • This surge protector has 6 outlets and can protect your computer, TV, Modem, and other devices from a sudden surge of electricity. This Monster Cable comes with a $10,000 connected equipment guarantee. Not only will this prevent blowouts, but will protect from spark overloads.

Indoor Magnetic Window and Door Alarm

  • This set is perfect for monitoring the traffic coming in and out of your home. Place this unit on the threshold of your entering/exiting doors or windows. If opened at inappropriate times, a loud alarm will sound alerting all that can hear.

First Alert Battery Smoke Detector with Escape Light

  •  While you can end up spending lots on a smoke detector, the First Alert Smoke Detector has the same technology as the higher-priced units. This detector has a guiding light to help homeowners find the best and faster escape route in smoke-filled situations.    By placing your detector on each floor of your home and outside of the bedrooms, you can ensure your home is safe and secure.

Atomic Beam Cop Camera

  • The Atomic Cop Cam is a motion-activated HD security camera. One button operation, push to turn on and it records all motion activity. This mini cam has loop recordings with a powerful microphone. The perfect home surveillance system. Use this camera indoors or out. With an 8GB SD card, it’s less than one square inch and cost less than $20.00.