4 Easy Projects to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Being cold is not cool. Luckily, with our helpful collection of 4 easy projects, you’ll have your home ready for winter long before the snow flies.

How to Keep House Warm: Caulk Windows and Doors

It can’t be said enough that windows and doors are the two leading culprits for winter heat loss in your home. With these caulking tips, you’ll be able to keep your home warm and ensure a tight seal around interior trim. And as a result, warm air stays in your home. Don’t forget to check your external caulk as well and fix any gaps before the snow flies.

How to Keep House Warm: Add Insulation

Beefing up the insulation in your home, particularly in basements and attics can keep your home warm. And will promote a more even temperature and eliminate cold spots. Better yet, adding insulation is a cost-effective solution to what can be an expensive problem over time. Follow our guide to insulating your house, and you will have a toasty home before you can say “winter.”
How to Keep House Warm: Seal Gaps

How to Keep House Warm: Seal Gaps

Sometimes the smallest cracks can cause intense drafts and will not keep your house warm. So seal any openings in exterior walls with expanding foam, particularly around pipes to minimize air loss. Adding foam insulation is also a cheap way to stop drafts from wafting in behind switch plates.
How to Keep House Warm: WeatherstrippingFAMILY HANDYMAN

How to Keep House Warm: Weatherstripping

Anytime you have an opening to the outdoors, you should have weatherstripping to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in. And replacing overly compressed, worn or ripped weatherstripping is an easy project that will keep your home warm. You can tackle your whole home in a weekend.
Source: familyhandyman.com ~ By: Melina Gillies ~ Images: familyhandyman.com & Canva Pro