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A Basic Guide To Your Shower Door Maintenance

There are a variety of shower doors available to choose from today. A majority of people prefer to do away with the typical shower curtains they are so used to in favor of a door. Curtains have a tendency to drip water onto the floor and will quickly develop mold if they are not maintained properly. Some people now choose to have a sliding shower door which may have aluminum frames and comes with transparent or semi-transparent glass doors.

If the shower space is too narrow for a standard-sized glass door then you can get a sliding or bi-fold door Bi-fold doors that open inward are a very practical alternative as they stop water from trickling onto the floor. Most shower door frames are made of aluminum and need good care and cleaning to keep them in peak working condition.

Sometimes, you may find cleaning the shower door a real challenge. Unless proper care is taken, the shower door may develop either calcium or rust and lime deposit build-up. There are some things that you can do to keep your door sparkling clean and mold-free. One tried and tested cleaning agent is common baking soda which people still use today.

Make a paste with baking soda and water and use it to clean the door; then wash the door with vinegar to get rid of the light abrasive mixture. For stubborn stains, try spraying the door with oven cleaner and leaving it on overnight. This will make removing stubborn stains a lot easier. Follow this up with a coating of Rain-ex this will keep the shower door bright and sparkling.

Take special care of the track on your shower door because this is a favorite place for mold to develop. Keep some old toothbrushes on hand to get into those difficult areas of the track. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the hair and loose dirt that can often get trapped within the track.

Drench the track generously with a liquid cleaner then scrub it with a toothbrush; rinse by pouring water directly into the tracks. There are holes on the inside of tracks that permit the water to drain into the shower or tub, making cleaning a much easier task.

If you are finding that you’ve got leaks then you may need to replace the shower door sweep. The sweep is there to prevent water from escaping and running all over the bathroom floor. You can easily remove the old sweep by pulling it outward from the door. Once you have removed the old sweep, take it with you to the hardware store to ensure that you get the right size replacement.

If you face difficulty putting the new sweep in the track, then use some petroleum jelly to help it slide in more easily. If water is still leaking on the floor after you have replaced the sweep, then the shower itself may need re-caulking. Ensure that you take the time to maintain and you will have a beautiful shower door that will for ages.


Cleaning a shower door can be a tough task. If proper maintenance is not done, your door can get calcium deposits or rust and lime build-ups. There are many ways to keep the door sparkling clean and mold-free.

Source: ~ By: lynter ~ Image: Canva Pro