August Home Maintenance Checklist

The heat of the summer can take its toll on your home, your lawn, your plants, and even you.  Here are some thoughts on how to beat the heat and keep things looking great in and around your home.  Grab this list and give your home some attention this August!

  1. Water is your friend. The hot sun can leave your plants and lawn thirsty all the time especially if Mother Nature is not cooperating where you live with regular rainfall.  It’s best to water your lawn in the cooler evenings or overnight to limit evaporation and allow more of the water to get absorbed into the soil.  As long as you are following any water restrictions you may have where you live.  A good rule of thumb is about an inch of water every 3rd day for the lawn and the plants.  This is typically done with a good sprinkler over an area for about 45-55 minutes.  Overwatering can lead to your grass and plants not developing deeper roots and they are more sensitive to drought, disease, and even bugs.  The right amount of water does matter for things to look healthy and be healthy.
  2. Use that garden hose to keep things running right. If you have central air conditioning there is a good chance your condensing unit outside needs a good cleaning.  Debris in the air can clog the cooling fins on the side of the unit.  Use a sprayer on the end of a garden hose and from the top-down spray off all the clogging material.  It will help the system run more smoothly and help improve efficiency.  While you at is replacing the filter in your system as well.
  3. You may have some summer stains you need to handle. Algae, moss, mildew, or mold can be cleaned either with a pressure washer or cleaners you can buy that attach to a hose and will do all the work for you.  Left untreated it can cause damage to your home and it just doesn’t look good.
  4. For oil stains in the driveway try grease and oil removers you can find at Ace. Some you just pour on top, let stand overnight and they wick up the oil you sweep away, and once dry the stain should be diminished or eliminated.
  5. Give your lawn and garden some summer feeding. Adding some organic food to your lawn and garden will strengthen the roots, improve color, and help during the hot months.  Either liquid or granular organic fertilizers are available and are easy and safe to use.

Just a few things to consider as the summer starts to wind down.  A little bit of TLC goes a long way in keeping you safe, sound, and saving a few dollars where you can.  Need more help just visit your local Ace Hardware store, we are in your neighborhood and we are a helpful place.


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