Budget Remodel Tips

Budget Remodel Tips that Transform Living Areas

Budget remodel tips are about walls in need of paint, doors that look worn, and light fixtures that look dated. These ideas can transform your bedrooms, living areas, and hallways. Think of these areas as a box, and let’s spruce up the inside of that box.

Choosing a color scheme is the first step when planning a budget remodel. A couple of important tips if you live with an open floor plan; keep the flow of color constant, using a variety of tints and shades of color throughout the connected rooms. And if your home is small (under 1600 sq ft), a similar color scheme though out will make it seem larger. Remember, paint is inexpensive, if you don’t like the color, change it. For more information on painting, check out: House-Painting-Info.com

Windows and doors are another consideration when planning a budget remodel. A couple of tips if your doors are looking drab; check out the finish on the door hardware, is it worn or painted over? Hinges and doorknobs are easy to change and inexpensive. Also, if the doors are looking shabby, you could paint them, or if they are wood, sand them down and re-stain them. How about your windows? Do they open and close, do the screens need repair, has the window hardware seen better days? And if you can’t see out of those windows due to water stains, it might be time to replace them.

And new light fixtures are an easy budget remodel project. A couple of tips when changing light fixtures: make sure the power is turned off to your lighting circuit, and you will need a couple of screwdrivers and a ladder. Light fixtures are the ‘jewelry’ in your rooms, if they are old and tarnished, the room looks old and tarnished. Light fixtures are relatively inexpensive and besides paint, a new fixture is a second biggest bang for your buck.

NOTE: Make sure that all of your hardware finishes match. If your door hardware is polished brass, then your window hardware should match and so should the metal on your light fixture. That concept follows with any hardware finish, if you fall in love with a stainless steel light fixture, then all of the other finishes in the room should match.

By: Lynn Albro ~ Image: Canva Pro