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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These BBQ And Grilling Recipes

Mix up some margaritas and guacamole! Cinco de Mayo has become a big holiday in North America. May 5th is even more popular in America than it is in Mexico. Not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day (September 16), the 5th of May officially commemorates the Mexican Army’s historic defeat of the French army at the Battle of Puebla.

But in America, Cinco de Mayo has evolved and expanded into a celebration of all things Mexican-American, from the food and drinks to the music and culture. To help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, here are our best Mexican-American recipes.

grilled grilled chorizo breakfast tacosGriddle Grilled Chorizo Breakfast Tacos Make Breakfast Pop

By: Paul Sidoriak

Kick your breakfast into high gear with this recipe for Griddle Grilled Chorizo Breakfast Tacos. Griddle grilling is a fantastic way to expand the culinary possibilities of outdoor cooking!

Grilled lime margarita in salt rimmed glassGrilled Limes Take Margaritas To An Epic Level Of Flavor

By: Clint Cantwell, Champion Pitmaster

Grilling and chilling is the secret to the most delicious margarita you’ve ever tasted! The classic frozen margarita gets a smoky blast in this recipe for Grilled Lime Margaritas featuring limes that have been charred on the grill. Juice the limes and combine with tequila, triple sec, sugar, and ice then blend well.

stuffed pepper holderThe Smoked Jalapeno Poppers Recipe That Puts All Others to Shame

By: Meathead, BBQ Hall of Famer

A cheesy appetizer with a kick, this easy grilled jalapeño popper recipe is sure to please, and the smoked version is better than the fried version. This appetizer is a big hit with people who like a little bit of heat in their food, but you can remove most of the heat to accommodate wimps if you wish.

Smoked Jalapeno PoppersThe Only Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers Recipe You’ll Ever Need

By: Clint Cantwell, Champion Pitmaster

If you’re searching for the perfect appetizer then you’re sure to love this tested recipe for grilled bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. Known in certain BBQ circles as ABTs, these cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapenos are certain to disappear as soon as you serve them.


Grilled guacamole and tortilla chipsHitting The Grill Takes Guacamole To Epic New Heights

By: Clint Cantwell, Champion Pitmaster

Add a delicious smokiness to your favorite party dip with this recipe for grilled guacamole. Grilled avocados, limes, and onion are the key.


lamb barbacoa tacos with salsa picanteMama Davila’s Salsa Picante Recipe

By: Adrian Davila

This salsa picante is the table sauce that’s served at any and every meal in Texas. Enjoy it with fresh tortilla chips, over tacos or eggs, or with other savory dishes and meats.


Frtomatoesesh Pico De Gallo Adds Zip To Countless Dishes

By: Meathead, BBQ Hall of Famer

Fresh tomatoes, scallions, jalapeno, and cilantro are the cornerstones of our addictively delicious recipe for homemade pico de gallo. Add a touch of brightness to tacos, quesadillas, and other Mexican dishes; a bold bite to scrambled eggs and omelets; a vibrant twist to salsa and chips; and so much more.

grilled salsaGrilled Salsa Is Your New Go-To Condiment

By: Meathead, BBQ Hall of Famer

Skip the store bought salsa and opt for these two flavorful home made Mexican salsas: Pico de Gallo and a Grilled Salsa Roja. Known in the US as tomato salsa, salsa roja is an important building block in Mexican cuisine. Fresh quality ingredients are essential, especially fresh tomatoes, when making salsa at home.

salsa verdeThis Salsa Verde Recipe Beats the Jarred and Canned Stuff Hands Down

By: Dave Joachim

Grill roast some peppers, puree them with aromatics, and boom! You have salsa verde, a.k.a. green enchilada sauce. This staple of Mexican cuisine is simple to make and extremely versatile. Make this recipe, then use it on enchiladas, carne asada tacos, or with your morning eggs.

Grilled fish taco in a corn tortilla

Grill The Ultimate Fish Tacos

By: Meathead, BBQ Hall of Famer

Fish tacos may be the best recipe ever to come from Mexico and this method produces superb results.


Tortilla soup in a bowlA Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe That Warms The Soul

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call for a bowl of this soul warming Mexican style chicken tortilla soup!