Dandelion Prevention and Removal

When I was a boy, I can remember coming home from school and picking yellow dandelions from a nearby field and bringing them to my Mom.  She was so thankful for the gesture and would place them in a glass of water for all to see.  While I cherish those memories, the last thing I want in my yard are dandelions.

  1. As a rule, do not cut your lawn really short throughout the year. Short grass allows more sunlight to the soil and more weeds, like Dandelion’s, will take over. The grass should be about 2” tall.
  2. Treating your lawn with a weed and feed in the early spring is the best use of the herbicide. Always make sure you are following the instructions on the product you are using and apply carefully.
  3. After about 3 weeks from the weed and feed, application apply new grass seed to your lawn in the correct sun/shade type for the area. This will help crowd out the weeds and help to thicken your lawn at the same time.  If you apply your grass seed too close to the application of the herbicide, your new seed will not germinate properly.
  4. When a stray weed pops up you can just pull it out. Dandelions have a single root. Root gone = weed gone.

Source: Tips.Acehardware.com ~ Image: Tips.Acehardware.com