December Home Checklist

Holiday’s are in full swing and so are the cooler temperatures.  Here’s some ideas to do in and around your home so you can enjoy the month of December in peace.

  • Make sure the furnace filters are replaced, the humidifier, if you have one, turned on and adjusted. The windows are locked to help seal the windows from drafts. And add some weather stripping to the front and rear door.
  • If you live where snow and ice are common make sure you are ready. Shovelsice meltsnow throwers.  Setting things up and making sure they all work will make life a lot easier when the snow and ice does come.  There are lots of new choices when it comes to snow removal from taller more ergonomic shovels to electric snow throwers that rival gas powered units without all the noise and emissions.
  • With the potential for guest coming over. Make sure throw rugs have anti-slip pads under them or consider double sided carpet tape.  Check the bottoms of the chair legs and make sure they have felt pads under them to avoid scratching the floors. If chairs are wobbly then use appropriate glue to tighten things up so Aunt Rose does not end up on the floor at the table.
  • Reboot your Internet router. Experts say one of the easiest ways to keep from getting hacked is to reboot both your wired and wireless router.  Especially if you are doing a lot of online shopping at, I hope?
  • Do some quick pre-treating of your plumbing. If you survived Thanksgiving then that’s a good thing.  But adding a drain enzyme to kitchen and bath sinks and drains can keep things flowing.  And if you have a septic system I would treat that too.

These are just some thoughts on keeping your home running great so you can enjoy family and friends this holiday season.

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