December Home Maintenance Check-List

Winter has arrived along with many festivities that make the season bright. Depending on the area of the country you live in, you may have already shoveled once or twice.

For many, this is a busy time of year preparing to have family and friends over for the holidays. However, there are some home maintenance tasks you should complete before the month is through. Here’s your December home maintenance checklist.

December To-Do List

As the year winds down, it’s likely your major home projects have been completed. Now is the time to show off your kitchen remodel or that finished basement you’ve been working hard to complete. But, the job isn’t done yet. There are tasks that will help you prepare to have a great winter and holiday season ahead. Here’s your December to-do list:

  • Hang Holiday Lights
  • Research Snow Removal Services
  • Change Smoke Detector Battery
  • Repair Steps and Railings
  • Upgrade Your Home Security
  • Clean Window Treatments
  • Install Childproofing Devices

1. Hang Holiday Lights

After Thanksgiving, one of the biggest tasks you have for your home is decorating for the holidays. For houses big and small, one of the most exciting tasks is hanging the holiday lights and watching them sparkle at night. While this task is DIYable, you may also want to call in a pro who can help. A handyman can hang your holiday lights perfectly and will have the right safety equipment so you don’t end up like Clark Griswold. The average cost to install holiday lighting is $428, with most homeowners spending between $288 and $457.

2. Research Snow Removal Services

For the upcoming winter weather, you need to make sure you’re prepared, especially if you live in the northern parts of the country where heavy snowfall and blizzards are common. If you haven’t done so yet, research snow removal services in your area so you know who to call when the snow falls.

Additionally, make sure you have a good quality shovel and pet-friendly salt on hand for sidewalks and walkways. In many towns and cities, there are certain times you must remove snow from public walkways or face a fine. Research to see what these are in your area.

3. Change Smoke Detector Battery

Did you know that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, 30% of all home fires occur during the months of December, January and February? Now is the time to make sure your fire prevention and safety measures in your home are up to date. It’s also recommended to change your smoke detector battery at least twice a year. I recommended in June that you change your smoke detector battery, and December is a great time to do so again. Change your smoke detector battery and test to make sure it’s working properly.

4. Repair Steps & Railings

The last thing Santa wants to hear while delivering gifts is a squeaking stair. After all, the clatter shouldn’t come from your home but rather Santa’s sleigh! Now is the time to get that stair and railing repair done that you may have been putting off all year. The average cost to repair stairs and railings is $587, with most homeowners spending between $358 and $664.

5. Upgrade Your Home Security

Home Alone is a must-watch movie during the holiday season. However, watching Harry and Marv should remind you that it’s time to check your home security system, as it could be time for an upgrade. Especially for those travelling throughout the holiday season, this leaves your home susceptible to burglaries. There are many great home security systems that can help you monitor your house. For example, the Oco Pro Bullet Indoor/Outdoor Cloud Surveillance is a smart upgrade to make. You’re able to access the cameras from your mobile device and store files up to 90 days.

6. Clean Window Treatments

Now that your windows are likely closed for the season, it’s a great time to clean curtains, blinds and other treatments you may have. However, since you’ve invested so much in proper window coverings, you want to make sure they’re cleaned with care. While some DIY methods may work for standard blinds, you’ll want to take care when cleaning roman shades, large fabric curtains and more. Simply throwing in the washing machine may ruin them. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what cleaning they need and consider hiring a professional. The average cost to clean window treatments is $224, with most homeowners spending between $164 and $243.

7. Install Childproofing Devices

Do you have little ones coming to visit for the holidays? It’s a good idea to install childproofing devices, especially around any electrical outlets or cooking hazards. The average cost to install childproofing devices can vary greatly, with costs ranging between $265 and $480. This can really depend on your needs and if you decide to DIY or contact a handyman to help.

Don’t forget, you may want to install a childproof lock on that closet where all the holiday gifts are hidden as well!


December is a busy month for all, but find some time to complete these tasks to make your home the perfect place this holiday season.

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