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How to Deep Clean Your Cabinets

Chances are if you look inside and outside of your kitchen cabinets, they could use a good cleaning. From grease to pasta sauce, years of avoiding the clean up can make removing food debris a tough job.

While we typically talk about this as a spring project it can be done any time of the year.  Here are steps to get things clean.

  1. Grab some boxes, laundry baskets anything that can hold everything that is inside your cabinets. To deep clean it all needs to be totally empty.
  2. Use a hose on a vacuum and suck out all the loose debris from inside the cabinets.
  3. Fill a bucket with warm water and a cup of a good disinfecting cleaner like Pine Sol, Simple Green or Krudd Kutter. Use a sponge and plastic scrubbing pad and wash, not wipe the inside, outside and everything in between with the solution.  You may need to scrub to really get the gook (technical term) from the surfaces.  Allowing the solution to sit on the surface before scrubbing will make things go much easier.
  4. Wipe down the cabinets with a damp rag and allow to dry before starting to reorganize the cabinets.




Disinfectant Cleaner


Plastic scrubbing pad


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