DIY Christmas Decorations

Snowman Family

You will need:
*Fabric for the head wraps, and scarves. I probable used a 1/3 of each.
(at Joannes they had a 4 pack of christmas fabrics for 10 dollars, so I bought that.)
*Glue Gun
*Twin, string, anything that you can tie the top of the hat with.
*Orange, White and Black Paint
*Wood. Depending on how tall you want your tallest one, then cut an inch or 2 off of the second, and an inch or 2 off the 3rd.

When I cut my blocks I didnt measure how tall they were, I just sorta guessed how tall I wanted I cant give you exact measurements.. It just depends how tall YOU want your cute snowman’s to be! I painted my blocks white, let them dry, then tied the head wraps on. I hot glued the fabric to the snowman blocks, then with twin I tied the top of it. Wrapped my scarfs around each one. Then painted the faces on. you can use your creativity and use buttons for the eyes, felt or fabric for the nose, I just had paint in the closet, so that’s what I used! I painted my cute little nose, and eyes. Once they were all made, I set them on my porch!  Source:

Hex nut snowflake DIY Ornaments


  • Hex nuts
  • E-6000 glue
  • Ribbon


Step 1

Arrange hex nuts in snowflake pattern.

Step 2

Glue together with E-6000 glue and let dry overnight. We first made these with hot glue and found that after a couple of days the hex nuts started to fall apart. The metal glue works much better. Source:

How to Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

  1. I started by attaching my strand of lights to my garland with zip ties. You don’t have to do this, I figured it would help disperse the lights evenly.
I used 1 strand of lights on 2 strands of garland.
*I miscalculated how much garland I needed. I could have used 4 strands instead of 3 for more coverage. So I if you want full coverage go with 4 strands of garland and 2 strands of lights. Because I miscalculated, I used 3 strands of garland, 1 strand of 100 lights, and 1 strand of 50 lights. Whew. I hope you got all of that.
I used pliers to bend the stakes of the tomato cage together to form a point. I secured the point with a zip tie.
 started at the bottom (well, actually the top) of the tomato cage and started wrapping upward. I secured the garland to the cage by wrapping pieces of the garland onto the cage.

Keep wrapping the garland around the cage until you get to the top.

I shifted the garland slightly up on the cage because I put the bottom section into the soil in the planter. To secure the tree from blowing over, I used some extra landscaping bricks and covered them with soil. I added a bow and some poinsettias to the tree to give it some pizzazz.

Finally, add the Christmas lights, bows and poinsettias for decoration. This project took about an hour from start to finish.  Source:

Jute Vase from an Old Unused Carafe

1. Plug in your glue gun, and grab a ball of jute or twine.

2. Wrap and glue. Wrap and glue. Wrap and glue. (Or maybe it’s glue and wrap. Glue and wrap.)

3. Do that, until the carafe looks like this:

4. Stick it next to some of your other junk treasures, and decide it needs something.
5. Play dress up.
See my pretty necklace?
6. Step back and be happy!