paint kitchen

Easy Weekend Projects

Use your weekends to spruce up your home! Here are some easy projects to do on your days off.

  • Upgrade your cabinets by adding a fresh coat of paint.
  • Add new knobs and hardware to update to a modern look.
  • Dress up your entryway by adding potted plants, outdoor seating, and a welcome mat. Paint your door a bright color and switch out the handle for new hardware.
  • Add storage to your home by installing organizers in your drawers, cabinets, and closets.
  • Install window shutters on the exterior walls of your home for a colorful touch.
  • Repair holes in your walls with a putty knife and some spackle. Add fresh paint over the repairs to match your wall colors.
  • Start a vegetable garden. Plant vegetables in a raised planting box to keep the area neat and protected from accidental damage.
  • Paint a room in your house to give it a pop of color or a fresh new atmosphere.
  • Declutter messy areas in your home – desks, drawers, and closets are top culprits for excess clutter. Use a trash bag for disposable items and a box to collect items for donation.
  • Repair your bathroom by re-caulking your bathtub and shower. Chip away old caulking and add a fresh lining to stop leaks and give your bathroom a clean, finished look.

Source: ~ Image: Canva Pro