How To Grow Big Flowers

No matter where you live May has traditionally been the month of spring gardening and the time when the plants go in the ground. There are a lot of theories when it comes to planting. Always wait until after Mother’s Day, or after the first full moon in May and so on. Regardless of when you plant here are some tips on how to get those plants looking great all season long.

· The soil is the most important ingredient when it comes to growing beautiful healthy plants. It’s the foundation of everything growing in it. Depending on how big of an area you will be planting flowers in you can either turn and loosen the soil with a shovel or rent a small roto tiller. The trick is to get down at least 6-8 inches from the top to achieve nice loose soil.

· After the ground has been prepared consider adding compost and peat moss and once again work it all together. Like you are mixing a batter for a cake.

· Create a layout for your plants. Choose the right plants based on the amount of sunlight and shade the area receives. Remember to allow for growth, a mistake many people make is they place the plants too close together and then after a month or so everything looks crowded. Most plants will come with a chart on a small plastic stake that will describe the mature size of the plants you are using.

· Water, then water, and water. But not too much. Here’s what happens in the beginning we water too much. Make a plan to water the plants say every other day but don’t drench them. If you stick your finger in the soil and damp dirt sticks to it then wait a day or so to water.

· Liquid fertilizers are terrific and you can add that to a watering can or a hose attachment. The added nutrients will allow your plants to bloom big bright flowers and establish deep green stems and leaves.

· Finally protect from diseases and bugs. There are many options to choose from, sprays, powders and even perimeter applications that will keep all the bad stuff away.

Follow these tips and get ready to enjoy all your hard work and let the plants do all the talking.