How To Inspect And Clean Weber Gas Burners

Amazing cooking starts with quality products and a clean grill.

Here we have another one of our care and maintenance videos that walks you thru inspecting, cleaning and re installing your gas burner tubes.

Printable Sheet of Inspecting and Cleaning Your Weber Gas Grill Burners

Cleaning Tips:


  • Take grill apart by removing:
    • Disconnecting the gas/propane
    • Grill Grates
    • Flavorizer Bars
    • Lower heat deflectors
  • In the back of the grill (opposite side from the control knobs) carefully angle the burner tube and slide out of the slot that holds it in place
  • Carefully remove the igniter by lifting up from both side to disconnect the clip from the burner tube
  • REPEAT the removal process for ALL burners
  • Once Burners are removed inspect the following areas:
    • Airflow screen
    • Burner holes
    • Burner Tube Orifice
    • Shake tube to ensure there is nothing lodged inside the tube
  • Clean any dirt, dust or debris off the Airflow screen carefully, using a wire brush
    • Be careful when cleaning so you don’t damage the airflow screen
  • Carefully brush the burner holes on the top of the burner to remove any debris
  • Using a towel with warm water (no degreaser or chemicals) carefully wipe off the burner tube on all sides
  • Once all burners have been inspected and cleaned, replace them as follows
    • Re-install igniter into clip, listen for 2 clicks to verify installed correctly
    • Carefully slide the burner tube into the opening for the gas connection, line up the orifice to the gas port and slide into place
    • Slide the back of the burner down into the slot and rotate into its final locked in position
  • Open the lid and keep it open
  • Re-connect your gas/propane (ensure all burners are in off position)
  • Turn on the gas to the far left burner and allow to flow for 10 seconds
  • Push the igniter and ignite the burner
  • Allow the burner to heat for 1-2 minutes or until most of the orange flames turn blue
    • Orange flame indicates its burning off dirt or debris
  • Repeat the ignition process for all burners and allow them to burn for 5 minutes
  • Turn off burners, turn off gas/propane and allow grill to cool completely
  • Reassemble inside grill