How To Create A Magnetic Wall

How To Create A Magnetic Wall


From message boards to a playroom, magnetic paint is a fun and unique option that can suit many spaces in your home

With Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer you have the option of either leaving it the solid black or painting over it to blend in with your room settings. In this video, Annie, from “Leftovers with Annie” on Ace’s YouTube channel shows you how magnetic paint created a fun car track for a kid’s room.

What To Know About Magnetic Paint

Before you leave your local Ace, ask the paint counter to shake the paint before you purchase it. If you won’t be using the paint that day, we suggest stirring it for at least 10 minutes since it is thick. Be sure to al scrape the bottom of the can ensure you are mixing the can well. This paint can be used on wood, metal, masonry, drywall, plaster, and with a top coat of latex paint applied. A quart of this paint will cover 16 sq. feet.

Prepping The Surface

Like any paint job, make sure you clean the wall with soap and water. Let it dry completely. and patch any holes or cracks correctly. Wipe down any dust that could have collected from sanding down rough spots.  Tape off the area that you would like to have the magnetic paint on. Place a drop cloth in the area to keep paint from getting on floors, walls, and other surfaces.

Have The Right Tools

You can apply this paint with a dense foam roller or foam brush. These options tend to hide brush marks vs. your standard paint roller or paintbrush.

How To Apply It

Stir to a smooth, lump-free consistency and stir regularly during application. Apply at least 3 coats of primer and no more than 2 coats of topcoat for maximum attraction. Rare earth magnets adhere best to the treated surface. You will need to stir the paint frequently to keep it from getting too thick to apply. Wait 30 mins between magnetic paint coats. If you plan to add a latex paint topcoat, you will need to wait 4 hours after the magnetic paint is dry. If the latex paint is too thick, it may impact the magnetic effect. Small magnets will work best on this surface whether you have the latex topcoat or not.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product.


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