Make Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner on the Grill

How to Make Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner on the Grill

Even if it’s chilly outside, this twist on Thanksgiving is totally worth a few hours manning the coals. (We even grill the pie!)

No matter what you’re serving, cooking a Thanksgiving feast takes strategy and planning. Making it on the grill is a brilliant way to impart additional flavor — bet you didn’t know your holiday table needed smoky Brussels sprouts and bacon still sizzling off the grates — but a grilled feast can also make prep easier. Marshmallow-crowned sweet potatoes get a s’mores-worthy toasting from the live fire; stuffing becomes rich and moist as it absorbs the dripping juices of the turkey rotating above it.

Here’s the complete menu: Grilled Rotisserie Turkey with StuffingGrilled Brussels SproutsGrilled Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, and (really!) Grilled Pumpkin Pie. Click over to the recipes to get the full instructions, but use this guide as the timeline to get everything on the table at once, perfectly grilled.

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