How To Start Seeds Inside

Starting seeds at home is a fun and affordable way to kickstart your garden. Seed packages come in a variety of options from flowers to vegetables.

Get our tips on how to plant seeds at home and get them growing in time for planting outside.

Understand The Climate You’re In

For colder climates, it’s not a good idea to start seeds outside. You don’t want to move seeds outdoors until AFTER the last frost of the season.  For indoor seed-starting, you can use seed-starting trays or seed-starting pots. The seed-starting pots are simple and easy to use. Once you’re ready to transplant them, you can place the whole pot in the ground.

Know What The Plant Needs

Check the seed package and know what the plant needs in order to thrive in the right environment. From the spacing of the seeds to the amount of sunlight it needs, make sure you read the package before you plant the seeds.

Use The Right Soil

If you plan to use peat pots vs. a seed starting kit, consider using soil that helps give it a jump start. A special seed-starting soil is formulated to help with fast root development.

Lighting At Home

If you do not have a sunny and warm spot in your home, use a plant lamp. These lamps are specially designed to nurture and warm your plants when the sun cannot reach it.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product.

Source: ~ Image: Canva Pro