Installing Safety Detectors In Your Home

Installing Safety Detectors In Your Home

Learn how to protect your loved ones and your home. Let Ace’s home experts answer your most commonly asked questions on how to install, maintain, and test your home detection devices.

How Many Detectors Should I Have?

Ideally, every floor of the home should have at least one of each type or a combo unit.

Where Do I Place My Detectors?

Locate them near bedrooms, so they are well within earshot.

Is It Easy?

Simply screw the mounting bracket to the ceiling. You can also find plug-in carbon
monoxide detectors. Install batteries, test and you’re done.

What Does It Cost?

Around $25-$50. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

When Do I Replace Them?

Replace your smoke alarm every 10 years. Change CO detectors every 5 years. Replace batteries bi-annually.