January Garden Maintenance

Completing these projects in January will make subsequent months run much more smoothly.

  • Cut back dead plant matter. If it was diseased I put it in the trash, otherwise, I compost it. Actually, I like to compost in place by chopping the organic matter into smaller pieces that will feed the soil and break down easily. Leaving the roots intact feeds the soil life as they decompose. See my article Building a Compost Bin (5 Ways) to take advantage of the free organic material you have available to you.
  • Weed garden beds.
  • Add soil amendments to inactive gardens with a digging fork. Now’s the time to add compost soil.
    • It’s the perfect time of year to improve the soil.
  • Rake leaves and make leaf mulch, or save them for composting.
  • Cover beds with a deep mulch. I like shredded leaf mulch because it’s free, but chemical-free straw is good, too. For more of my mulching tips, see Mulching in the Permaculture Garden.
  • Clean, repair, and replace tools.

Source: tenthacrefarm.com