June Home Maintenance

Are you ready to enjoy the summer weather? School is out, the sun is shining and the backyard BBQ season is in full swing. But, in between all the exciting summer activities, you’ll want to make sure your home and yard are ready for summer too.

The heat may have you focusing your tasks on two places, the pool or indoors where the air conditioning is ready to cool you down. It’s also a time when bigger remodeling projects are in full swing. Here are a few home maintenance tasks you’ll want to get done this June.

June To Do List

Tasks To Do In June

Unlike the spring cleaning you’ve been working on the last few months, it’s time to move the focus elsewhere. At this point, your garden should be planted and you should have a weekly landscaping routine down. This month, we’ll focus more on interior and pool maintenance. Here are a few items you can add to your to-do list:

  • Pool Maintenance & Repairs
  • Air Conditioner Inspection
  • Pest Control
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • Check Your Smoke Detector
  • Prep for Bigger Remodeling Projects

Pool Maintenance

You’ve waited all winter, and it’s finally pool season. Pools are a great addition to any backyard and is the perfect spot to entertain or relax. However, the start of pool season also means the beginning of routine maintenance. You’ll want to vacuum and skim your pool for debris weekly, as well as adjust the pH levels as needed.

Now is also a great time to make any major changes to your pool. One trend this year that’s not going away anytime soon is pool automation. This will take some of those seemingly mundane weekly tasks and give you control of them right from your phone. Some systems also provide you with lighting control and more. This is certainly something you’ll want to have a pool pro help you set up this year.

Inspect Your AC In June

Air Conditioner Inspection

With the hot weather, it’s likely your air conditioner will be running consistently to keep the home comfortable. It’s certainly not the time to have to worry if you’re AC is working properly. Have your AC checked and any repairs made as soon as possible, before the weather gets too hot. The average cost to repair an AC unit is $310. It’s a worthwhile investment to make now if a repair needs to be made!

Pest Control

The bugs that were hiding all winter have now come out. It’s more important now to keep an eye out for any infestations both in and out of the home. Many homeowners worry about their gardens as they begin to grow and produce vegetables. Planting peppermint and using broken eggshells around your plants can prevent certain pests, like slugs, from destroying your precious produce.

Pests such as ants, fruit flies and spiders tend to find their way inside during the summer months. Many are attracted to the food in the kitchen. A preventative measure you can take is to make sure all of your dry goods are in an airtight container. If you find that these bugs are becoming a nuisance, it might be time to contact a pest control pro. The average cost to hire a pest control pro is $211.

Sprinkler Repair In June

Sprinkler Repair

The weather is only going to get hotter and that means dry conditions await. This could be harmful to your grass, turning it brown in some areas. Make sure your sprinkler is in working order for when it’s time to become a part of your lawn maintenance routine. Make any repairs now. The average cost to repair a sprinkler is $235, with most homeowners spending between $154 and $247.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries June

Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Did you know that you should be replacing the batteries on your smoke detector at least twice a year? Even if you test your smoke detector regularly, you’ll want to be extra cautious and change the batteries every six months. If a fire starts, this could save your life. June is a great time to do so as it’s halfway through the year and easy to remember. Changing your batteries won’t cost you more than a few dollars and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Make sure this is at the top of your to-do list this month.

Prep For Remodel In June

Prep For Bigger Remodeling Projects

Summer is a time when many homeowners choose to tackle bigger projects such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, roofing work, and masonry repairs. Contractors are likely to be very busy this time of year and moving forward, so it’s important that you plan accordingly.

If you have a remodeling project starting this summer, make sure you clear out the area of any personal products, containers, and more. You’ll want to have a plan in place of what you’ll do to avoid the area. If it’s a bathroom remodel, you may decide to use the second bathroom until the work is complete. However, a kitchen remodel means you may have to sacrifice some home-cooked dinners in lieu of other options. Thankfully, since the weather is nice, you can BBQ or enjoy picnics outdoors during your kitchen remodel, making it easier on everyone.


June means the start of summer for many. It’s a fun time of year for all, but these important home maintenance tasks should not be forgotten about! Create a checklist with all you need to do and get it done so you have more time to spend in the sun.

Source: www.improvenet.com ~ Images: www.improvenet.com