Lawn Care In 4 Easy Steps

Lawn Care In 4 Easy Steps

There are lots of products you can use to help your lawn look its best.  One of the most popular and easiest to use is the Scotts 4-step program.  Here is the 411 to use it and why it works.

As your lawn goes through the year it must battle the elements, animals, bugs, and even you.  By feeding it four times a year you can help keep the turf strong, weed-free, and a beautiful green.

Step 1 – Seeding

  • This product comes in two types, one with a Crabgrass preventer and one for seeding.  All bags come in two different sizes depending on how big your yard is.  Before applying Step-1, rake the lawn and core aerate it first to loosen the soil and give the fertilizer the best base to attach to. This can be applied in mid-April to early May.

Step 2 – Weed Control

  • Step 2 is an additional weed preventer that should be applied around Memorial Day or up until mid-June.  Two weeks prior to this application, if you see any bare spots in the lawn loosen that soil apply the appropriate seed, and cover with some topsoil.  The trick is two weeks before, otherwise, the weed preventer will not allow the seed to grow.

Step 3 – Lawn Food With Iron

  • Lawn food is your application to protect your lawn from the summer heat and it adds iron to keep the turf nice and green.  This can be applied around the 4th of July.  If there is no rain expected it’s a good idea to water in the evening after the application.

Step 4 – Lawn Food For Fall

  • This is one of the most important steps in the program to help put your lawn to bed for the winter.  You have a longer application time on this one depending on where you live. It will give the lawn that the last dose of green, but its slow release helps to promote deeper root growth, so the lawn bounces back more quickly next spring.

It is not that hard to have a lawn you’ll be proud of.  Your local Ace has plenty of options to solve just about any issue you are having.  Don’t forget to ask them about the best spreader for the application.

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