10 Products That Make Painting Easier

Adding a new color to your space doesn’t have to be challenging.  You just need the right tools and you’ll find painting easier and faster.  Check out these 10 tools that will make your next paint project a breeze.

  1. Color Samples come in pint-size cans and enable you to get the look feel and texture the color can bring to your wall.  When applying the color sample to the wall, make sure you look at it day and night time.  You’d be amazed how a color can change as the room goes from bright to dark throughout the day.
  2. Color Test Sheets are perfect for when you want to test color but aren’t quite committed to painting the sample on the wall.  These adhesive pieces can have a color sample rolled on a stick to the wall for your review.
  3. Paint and Primer in One remove that extra step of rolling primer onto the wall.  By using paint with primer in it you are off to the races to get the first coat of color on the wall.
  4. Quality Tape is essential when painting.  That old saying, “you get what you paid for” is spot on when it comes to adding painter’s tape to the wall. Failure to use quality tape will result in the color bleeding through the tape leaving you a mess to address.
  5. Sanding Sponge is an affordable tool to give the walls the smooth finish you want for your walls.  Using the sanding sponge addresses any rough areas in the wall and will help the paint adhere.  Plus it is easier to hold than sandpaper!
  6. Quality paintbrush is a must.  When using a lower quality paintbrush you end up getting brush threads and other debris stuck in your paint.  Plus you will find yourself loading the brush more frequently, slowing the painting process.
  7. A project-specific roller is the best way to get the results you want.  When you walk down the paint roller aisle you will see a large variety of rollers. Look at the packaging and choose the roller that matches your project.  From rollers for rough surfaces to paneling, there is a roller designed for your need.  Corner rollers also help you reach crevices without multiple reapplying of paint.
  8. Extension Pole is a must for high walls and ceilings.  Standing on a ladder can be scary or unsafe depending on the location you are trying to paint.  Extension poles come in a variety of lengths and will help you apply the paint smoothly without streaks or dreaded drips from above.
  9. Paint edgers make getting that straight line from the ceiling to the wall more accurate and smoother.  If you were ever afraid of how you applied the painter’s tape, this gives you the added comfort of straight lines.
  10. A paint sprayer can accelerate the painting process big time, but you need to practice first.  Learn the proper technique for using a sprayer to get clean coverage without the drips.   Practice in an open area on cardboard to make sure you are comfortable before using it on walls.

Source: tips.acehardware.com