How To Overseed Your Lawn

Keep your lawn healthy, lush, and vibrant with a few simple steps. Overseeding is a perfect way to touch up those bare spots and thicken your yard’s turf. It can even help block weeds.

What to Choose

Choose a grass seed that matches your current lawn type.  From a sun/shade mix to a high traffic mix, pay attention to what the features are on the package.  Select a high quality bag of seed.  Less expensive bags are more likely to have seeds that will not germinate or may have more weed seeds. Any doubts on what to select, ask the helpful expert at your Local Ace.

When to Do It

Early spring or fall is a perfect time to overseed. Cooler temperatures combined with more rain create prime conditions to kick start the process.

How to Do It

Mow your lawn with the blade as low as it will go.  Then rake the lawn to remove any debris or grass that may inhibit the seed from reaching the ground.  A spreader is the best way to apply the seed.  Follow up the process by applying fertilizer to the lawn like Milorganite.  If the forecast doesn’t call for rain that day or the next you will want to help the treatment by using a sprinkler.  Follow up with watering the lawn each day for a week to help the process.

For more tips, go to, Photo by Benjamin Ilchmann on Unsplash