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Paint Colors That Wow Potential Buyers

With so many paint colors out there it’s hard to know which one will appeal to potential home buyers. So, I’ve put together my top five colors for you to consider.

Choosing the right paint colors can really help set your house apart from others on the market. For a quick makeover, I like to start with a curated color palette like Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines. These 150 timeless colors are hand-selected by Joanna Gaines. You want potential buyers to walk through each room and think to themselves that an interior designer worked with the owners to hand pick colors!

Let’s get to it. Here are the colors that will help bring your home to the top of a buyer’s shortlist

Let’s start with the hallways. I’d recommend Silos White. This is a great neutral and clean color when buyers first walk into a house. The warm white hues provide a welcoming feeling that helps lead guests through your house.

When choosing colors for the secondary rooms in your house, like the living room or front room, I’d recommend a slightly darker shade. For homes that have an open concept, these colors flow nicely together as you move in and out of each room.

The color Loft is a light silver-gray that works well in a living room or a bedroom. It coordinates well with all types of furniture and textures.

I also choose the color Timeless Look. This is a mid-toned taupe that would be perfect as whole room color or as an accent wall against Dutch Tulip.

When it comes to choosing a dining room color, I recommend selecting a color that will showcase the room. Since dining rooms are usually special occasion rooms, it’s OK to go a little bolder with color. I love Cement Pots. The cement gray is soft cool grey that will give the dining room sophistication.

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Source: ~ by Annie Hunter ~ Image: Canva Pro