Preventative Plumbing Tips

Preventative Plumbing Tips Before Guests Arrive

The big game is coming and making sure your plumbing is in tip-top shape before you entertain is a must.  The last thing you want to do is deal with an issue with your toilet bowl while you should be watching the other bowl.  Here are my 5 tips to tackle before guests arrive.

  1. Clean and pre-treat your sewer system. Whether you are on a septic or city sewer making sure it all flows properly can be the difference between a tragic Sunday and a winning Sunday.  Use drain line or septic line enzymes to eat away any buildup in your pipes.  This is best done a couple of days before your party at night right before you go to bed.  Products like; Roebic or Eco-Flo get flushed down the toilet and they are allowed to do their work with no water running as you sleep.  As a rule of thumb, this is a terrific monthly application to your system to keep it all working properly.
  2. Make sure all the parts in your toilet are working properly. If it’s been giving you some problems it will only get worse with a house full of guests downing a never-ending supply of chicken wings.  Use a hanger and a hand mirror and scrap open the holes under the rim of the toilet bowl to enhance the flushing action.  If the handle jiggles even after you tighten it, replace it.  And that flapper could be replaced too.  These are inexpensive parts and easy to do yourself.
  3. Clean the inside of the tank with a product called Toilet Tank Cleaner. You place this product in the tank at night and then in the morning flush the toilet and all the buildup inside the tank will be gone and help to keep it all working.
  4. Place a plunger in each bathroom. Just in case there is a problem then whoever caused the issue can try resolving it themselves without taking you away from 4th and inches.  My favorite is the Korky plunger made in the USA.
  5. Remove and clean all the aerators on your faucets. There is a screen and reducer on the end of the faucet that gets clogged over time.  By unscrewing them, rinsing them, and then re-installing you will be amazed at the increase in the flow.  This is also true for your showerheads.

By doing a little work ahead of the time you will have more time to concentrate on the party menu and who you think will win the big game!