How To Make A PVC Herb Garden

Herb gardens offer any space the sights, smells and taste that everyone can enjoy. Watch this quick DIY on how to make an herb garden for your home.

Grab Your Materials

  • Power Grab glue
  • PVC Pipe elbows
  • 2×4 Lumber
  • Spray Paint of your choosing

Follow The Steps

Spray It Down – Take your spray paint and coat your PVC pipe elbows. Get creative with your pattern! This is also the time to treat your 2×4 if your choose too. Glue It Down – After the paint has dried, ring a bead around the bottom trim of your newly painted PVC elbow. Firmly press the elbow to the 2×4 and let it dry. Plant It Down – Now, take your favorite herbs or flowers and plant them down into your PVC Elbows.

Show It Off

Now that you’re done. It is time to show off your brand new creation! Tag us in your photos @Acehardware!

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