Why You Must Remove Leaves In Fall

Raking or using a blower is a must for your lawn. For many, the fall season brings lots of leaves and a lot of work removing them.  It’s a job that can be difficult, but it does serve a purpose besides aesthetics.

  • Removing the leaves from your yard will ensure the grass does not get matted done and die off which can happen over the winter which means even more work for you. Also, a fungus can develop in your lawn that will require chemicals to fix.
  • If you mulch those leaves after raking, they can be used as fertilizer in your planting beds and even as winter bedding to protect flowers and shrubs from the colder temperatures.
  • After the last fallen leaves, my tip is to run the mower over the lawn to mulch up the last remaining leaves and those will act as a bit of natural fertilizer along with your winter application of a 4-step plan.

How you accomplish this task is up to you.  Traditional rakes give you the best workout, but electric, gas, or cordless blowers can speed things up and are less taxing on your body. 

Just make sure you size the unit based on the volume of leaves you need to tackle.  Many times, people buy small units that just disappoint.  Your store associate at Ace can get you the right tools for the job.

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