How To Secure Your Home On A Budget

Installing cameras and smart door locks can be an expensive upgrade for your home. While these options are great improvements to your home security, sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow for you to take it on at this time.

Here are some affordable suggestions to give you some piece of mind and hopefully keep you and your home.

  1. timer that is plugged into a lamp can be a great way to make the home appear as if someone is home.  Timers are easy to install as you just plug the outlet into the timer and set it up to turn the light on and off at designated times.
  2. If installing motion activated light fixtures is out of the budget, then here’s a solution that is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. A motion activated light bulb turns on automatically when motion is detected from up to 19 feet away. Great for outdoor use as a preventative measure against trespassers or indoor as a handy hands-free way to light up a space as you walk by.
  3. water alarm placed in areas that are prone to flooding, moisture and unexpected leaks may help with expensive repair costs down the road.  When moisture hits the indicator on the alarm, a sound goes off letting you know to check the area for any moisture that has been detected.
  4. For rooms that are at ground level, consider installing a window alarm. There are many options at your local Ace that will alert you with a sound of the window alarm is slid out of place.  Many a window alarms are easy to install, not requiring any electrical work, but just attaching properly to the window area.
  5. Consider placing a motion sensor alarm in areas of concern, like garage windows or in rooms that you don’t frequent often. There are some affordable Bluetooth options that will notify you on your cellphone if motion is detected.

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions before using any product.

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