Seed Starting vs. Direct Seeding

by The Helpful Hardware Folks

Watch as Phil and Jessie from “Making Our Roots” give you tips on seed starting inside vs. direct seeding into your garden.

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Seed Starting Inside

Starting to grow plants from seeds is an affordable way to kick off your garden vs. purchasing more established plants from your local Ace or nursery. Seed starting inside helps get you growing faster and enables you to care for plants in their most fragile state. Additionally, veggies like tomatoes and peppers take longer to mature and need a longer grow season, so starting them inside is to your benefit.

Using a pellet tray place your seeds and lightly water the pellets. Be sure to place them in an area that gets a good amount of sun and stays warm to encourage growth. Continue to water the pellets daily. In order to make sure you know which seeds are which, mark them. This is important because when you transfer them to a garden bed outside, you will need to know how much sunlight they will require and how much space they need to grow.  Don’t transfer your pellets outside until any threat of frost is out of the picture.

Direct Seeding

If the temperatures are in your favor and the threat of frost is no longer the picture, you are good to go on direct seeding. Always look at your seed packet to understand the best location and distance to set your seeds. A raised garden bed is a great place to start your garden. If your yard is frequented by critters like rabbits and squirrels, you may want to add a fencing around your garden to protect your produce.

Ensure that you are watering your plants frequently and you’ve labeled the seeds. This way when it comes to pulling out weeds, you haven’t just yanked a vegetable that has mature growth.

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Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product.

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