September Checklist For Your Home

For many this is back to school time, kids have either already started or will very soon.  Perhaps your home has taken a beating over the summer months as you and your family were out enjoying yourselves.  That’s a good thing, but now it may be time to take a breath and then tackle some projects around the home that might need a little attention.  Here’s my list of 5 things to tackle to continue maintaining your home.

  1. Your lawn needs food and water. Giving it a late summer feeding is a good idea to help promote deeper root growth and to keep that thick green appearance.  You can either use a summer feed fertilizer or an organic product to keep the lawn looking good until fall temps start to drop and then we’ll cover winterizing your lawn.
  2. There may be some organizing that needs to happen in your home and in the garage. Now is a great time to take some inventory and consider donating items that may not be getting used anymore.  Perhaps your kids have grown out of a bike?  Maybe there are cans of paint that can be recycled (many Ace stores offer this service). Or you may want to add some shelving in the garage to organize a little better.  There are click-together plastic units that are affordable and hold a lot more weight than you think, but if heavy loads are required consider the metal click-together units.
  3. The summer may have caused some buildup of green and black stuff on the side of your home, on the awning, or even on walkways. A house cleaner that you can just connect to the hose and it will work with Mother Nature to clean things up in just a couple of weeks.  No scrubbing, or using a pressure washer.
  4. All the summer traffic may have your carpeting looking a little tired? Before the busy holiday’s it’s time to wash carpets and rugs.  Investing in a carpet cleaner will add years to your carpeting. Many Ace stores rent carpet cleaning machines, this weekend project can have your carpeting or area rugs looking new again and you will not believe the amount of dirt that you pull out of them. As a tip it’s a good idea to clean your carpeting every 4-5 months.
  5. Early fall is a great time to re-seal your driveway if you have asphalt with a driveway sealer. A product like Aquphalt lets you patch quickly with a premixed formula. Patch any holes, fill the cracks and then clean the surface with a degreaser, warm water, and a broom.  Rinse it then apply a high-quality blacktop sealer.  This protects your drive from the elements no matter where you live.

Just a few ideas on some home maintenance projects you can tackle in the month of September.  If you need more help just stop by your local Ace Hardware stores we are always ready with helpful advice and the products you need to get the job done right.


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