Ace It In Three: Tips On Painting A Room

As if picking the new color of your space isn’t hard enough, what about the sheen, tools, and prep? There is still so much to decide. Let Ace’s Home Expert help you are the right choice!

1) What type of sheen should I pick for my home?
Sheen selection is dependent on the type of room you’re painting. If you’re painting a kitchen, bathroom, or a high traffic area, choose a glossier sheen like satin or peal. For a bedroom, choose a softer sheen like an eggshell. Lastly, for a low-traffic area or a showcasing room, choose a matte finish. The matte finish absorbs light and warms a room.

2) How do I prep the walls?
If you do not prep your walls properly, your paint job could turn out sub-par. Wash the walls with a gentle soap and water formula. Remove any water streaks, dust, or stuck-on dirt.

3) What are the best tools for the job?
Investing in your tools is something you will not regret. Yes, you will spend a bit more money, but they will last for every paint job after. These synthetic brushes give you a beautiful straight line and make it simple to get into those tight corners. The same principles apply to the quality of your roller brushes. They can make or break your paint project.