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What To Do To Your Home In November

Taking care of your home doesn’t need to be a daunting task if you spread it out over the course of a year. We’ve got our five tasks you may want to consider tackling this month.

Throughout the year we’ve put together a monthly list of what your home may need. Here’s what’s up for November.

Give Your Furnace TLC Before The Season Begins.

Get your furnace or boiler professionally cleaned and checked for safe efficient operation. Getting the necessary parts repaired, replaced or cleaned will help reduce early replacements of this costly device.

Pack Your place With Winter Needs

If you live in an area where snow or freezing temps can be in the forecast, then you’ve got a bit of preparation to take care of. Make sure your snow thrower has been properly maintained for its big day. Have shovels, ice melt, and roof pucks so you’re not competing with others for these sought-after supplies.

Check the Caulk In Your Bathroom.

From discolored to cracking, being ahead of any problems with caulk can help avoid future problems. Consider removing and replacing caulk that has deteriorated. Staying on top of these areas will help mold from growing and larger plumbing issues from getting out of hand.

Care For Your Countertops.

If you have marble, limestone, or granite countertops, keep them in shape by sealing them. Using a product like Granite Gold helps create a barrier to protect them against stains, etches, and soil build-up.

Have Your Carpet Cleaned.

Consider renting a carpet cleaner to clean wall-to-wall or area rugs and upholstery. It will be a perfect way to prep for a season of guests popping in for the holidays. You will be amazed at how dirty it all is and these machines will pull so much more dirt from the material than just vacuuming.

NOTE: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product.

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