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What To Do To Your Home In October

Your home is likely the largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. By doing some easy home maintenance on a monthly basis you’ll help avoid costly repairs in the future.

We’ve put together a list of five items to complete in October. 

Get Your Lawn Equipment Ready For Storage. If you live in an area where lawn care ends for winter, then it’s time to get your outdoor power ready for storage. Check your owner’s manual and consider adding things like a fuel stabilizer to the unit. If your equipment requires oil or gas removal, make sure you take care of that in order to ensure a proper spring start.

Winterproof your home. Drain and remove hoses and cover up the spout in areas where freezing can be a risk for your home. If applicable, turn off the water to those outside nozzles. Be sure to address the needs of your irrigation as well. Change the direction of the ceiling fan for winter so you don’t feel the air below you, instead having the blades circulate to let the air flow above the blades. Doing so will circulate heat in the room. Lastly, check your windows for drafts when closed. Consider adding window insulation to older windows to keep cold air from creeping in.

Plant Fall Bulbs For Spring Color. Believe it or not, some spring favorites like tulips need to be planted in fall to be enjoyed in spring! Find the fall bulbs in your area and plant them before the ground freezes. Be sure to sprinkle on some pest blockers like critter ridder to keep animals like squirrels from enjoying your bulbs after planting.

Make sure your home is fire and carbon-monoxide safety. From smoke alarms to carbon monoxide detectors, this is the month to test the devices, change batteries as needed and confirm they’re still valid. Chat with your family about fire safety and make sure you have a plan in place.

Put Your Lawn To Bed. For those in areas where fall means leaves are falling and your yard is no longer growing, it’s time to let your lawn rest. This includes the last mowing, raking, and fall seeding.  The mix of warm soil and cool air is the perfect forecast for planting seeds. Lawn seeding in fall allows time for new grass roots to develop for next spring. Plan to apply the seed after aeration on a day when mother nature can water it for you.

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